Which Surahs Are Named After An Animal?


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I don't know if it's correct to say the surah is named after an animal, for example, surah al-baqarah (the cow) is not named after a cow, but rather the story of Musa and bani isra'eel described in verses 67-73.Maybe its better to say which surah's have an animal name in them.
  • Al-baqarah [2] The Cow
  • Al-An'am [6] The grazing livestock: (i.e. Camels, cattle, sheep and goats)
  • An-Nahl [16] The Bee
  • An-Naml [27] The Ants
  • Al-'Ankaboot [29] The Spider
  • Al-'Aadiayaat [100] The racers* (it means the horses)
  • Al-Feel [105] The Elephant
  I haven't included any references to humans nor Jinn nor Angels.Wallahu a'lam

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