What Does "Var Sa God" Mean In Norwegian?


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Var Sa God is a Swedish term which when translated to Norwegian means vennligst. In English, both are translated to the same word; which is please. On the other hand if you mean what is var sa god when translated from Norwegian to English it would be 'was so good'.

Many Norwegian and Swedish words are very similar to English, especially similar to north-eastern dialects in the UK; for example the Newcastle accent (Geordie) and Scottish. In the Geordie language, which is basically across the sea from Scandinavia, a lot of their regional words are derived from Norwegian words. Both languages, Norwegian and Swedish, are Scandinavian languages and share many commonalities including tone, alphabet and origins. Swedish is a much more commonly spoken language, with a relatively larger 9.3 million speakers in Sweden compared to 4.8 million Norwegian speakers in Norway. Throughout the world, Swedish is also more prolific, with it being spoken widely in Spain, Canada and America. Norwegian is also spoken in numerous countries, but not on the scale of Swedish. In fact globally there are thought to be twice as many Swedish speakers than Norwegian.

In both countries, a majority of the younger generations tend to be able to speak very good English (most frequently in an American accent) due to the fact that they tend to watch the same popular TV shows as in the US and UK. TV shows like Friends are massive in these countries and this is where a lot of the slang and the accent is picked up. Schools teach English as a general language but when you see how much American TV is watched, it is obvious that they pick up the accent from there.
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In Norwegian it is actually "VAER SAA GOD".
Var Sa God is in Swedish which means YOU ARE WELCOME(almost the same as the Norwegian meaning below).
It is usually used as an expression to offer somebody something to eat, as in "please help yourself" or "come to the table" (when calling someone to eat or towards the table).
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Hi, I'm norwegian so I know ;)
Vaer saa god is in norwegian written this way: "Vær så god" and in swedish "Vär så goda". Its correct what has been said here, but the most common meaning could be translated to "There you go" as giving something to someone, and as a reply when someone says thanks.

"thanks for picking me up"
"Takk for at du hentet meg" - "Vær så god".

"I'll have a hot dog, please" - "There you go"
"Jeg tar en pølse" - "Vær så god" (as giving the person the hot dog)
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I'm a Welshman who speaks Norwegian, forget trying to literally translate it into English. Don't complicate things,  just except  that it means "Your Welcome" or in Welsh "Croeso".
I.e.  If someone says to you  Takk! Or "Takk for det!  (Thanks/Thank you/Thanks for that). You would politely reply, "Vær så god" (Your Welcome)

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