Was Life Easier Nowadays Or In The Past?


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Emma Elsie Profile
Emma Elsie answered
Both in different ways. Today we have more electronic gadgets to help us stop labouring but we also have a rat race.
  Yesterday was better because the rat race did not exist and life was calmer ( and people nicer) all round. Today many people grab at materialism. Yesterday they didnt.
Zhu Yugang Profile
Zhu Yugang answered
Of course nowadays life was easier,because there are a lot of things with high-tech which make our lives more easier.
E.J Harris Profile
E.J Harris answered
Its really half and half.. There are both negatives and positives of then and now. Like in the olden days, there was like less stress with jobs and live however the money pay from jobs was quite bad. And less crimes and families that are closer but then there was no technology unlike today, we have computers and tv and things to enjoy life a little better.. But the bad thing about today is that theres more crimes happening, people arent as close as then. But jobs are so much better in the 20th/21st century.

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