What Are Some Good Names For Air Fresheners?


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The most successful air freshener brands have names that make the product instantly recognisable and give the impression of a solid brand identity. Airwick, Glade and Febreze are all household names that have a hint of air freshener play on words without sounding too corny or try-hard. Other names of air fresheners that are successful and reputable include Ambi Pur and Lysol. Names that follow a similar fashion will be good for a new air freshener. Consider the range of scents that the air freshener will be available in and incorporate any niche market the product may be aimed at.

Air fresheners can be divided into two categories: Continuous action and instant action. Continuous action air fresheners will include scented candles and other devices that use a candle flame, such as incense burners, or alternative heat source to heat and vaporise a fragrance formulation. Wall plug-ins are also considered as continuous action devices as they use technology that allows heat to evaporate a fragrance impregnated gel that will give off an aroma as it does so. Wick and reed diffusers also release fragrance via evaporation as it leaves the fragrance-soaked sticks.

Air fresheners that fall into the category of instant action systems are mainly atomisers and aerosol sprays. An aerosol spray is a glass, plastic or metal container of fragrance that has a valve, which is opened with an actuator - a spray nozzle. When this valve is opened, fragrance is forced through the spray nozzle and creates a mist of droplets containing fragrance. The atomiser works in a similar way, but rather than a spray nozzle working as an actuator, it uses a pump. When this pump is pressed a few times, it creates the pressure to aspirate the fragrance through a tube into the actuator. A new ‘bag-on-valve’ technology is proving to be the most popular is new and up-and-coming air fresheners.

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