Why Does It Seem That Honor, Respect, And Loyalty Have Become Forgotten Words?


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I ask myself this question every day.  There is such a thing as trust and honor, of not betraying friends and family and doing what is right even if it is the harder path to take.

I've asked friends this only to be told I myself have too high of standards (even my family teases me that I have "old world" values)  I think that our world now is just so fast paced that it is faster to skip going the hard way and lose those precious things of honor, integrity, respect and loyalty.  We have gotten away from the "village" ideal in our cities and towns where people watched each other and tried to help out their fellow man when they got off track.  It is no longer a stigma to be the dog that eats everyone else instead it's considered a great business practice (and who will complain if it gives us all lower prices or better service?).

As for teaching our kids, I still teach my kids this, but it is hard.  Just yesterday my three year old let a little girl in front of him in a line at a play gym and suddenly he got pushed back as Everyone there cut in front of him...  It is hard to explain to a child that even though he did the right thing, others do not and probably will not.  In today's world, you nearly get penalized for having those values.  The only thing to realize is that at the end of the day, only you are responsible for your self.  Even if the rest of the world doesn't hold those values, don't lessen who and what you are by lowering your own standards, even in the long run, you worth more than that.
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Well, now when you don't show someone "respect", like a mom or a dad, or even a teacher, it's considered, as the kids say, "standing up for yourself.", which I don't think at all. Growing up, these words were always cherished. Respect: In my home you always had to respect the people/person older than you, or the people who have cared for you.
Honor: Honor thy mother and thy father. Loyalty: Have loyalty for your family and friends. A partial reason why these words were forgotten by some is because some of them weren't "brought up" with these teachings, or they were never required to use them.
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 I think Winter, has said it, but I will second her opinion. In today's world, life goes at such a fast pace, that people forget the principles. Many were not raised with them to begin with. With both parents working, many people just didn't give any thought to the values, they took for granted, and failed to pass them on to their children.
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Good question. people have stopped using those terms, reason?they have started (people that is)doing the political correct thing. those words, honor,respect loyality,have no meaning in there own lives so they do not use them. Why should they?I believe people like yourself should start using those terms of endearment who knows it just might become politically correct.
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When we elect leaders who have no ethics or morality, and media who, for political reasons, make excuse for them (think Monica Lewinsky)..then it will naturally diminish expectations for ordinary citizens to live ethical, moral lives.  We can also thank our "intellectual" elites, who have been preaching moral relativism (if it feels good, do it, tune in turn on drop out) to our kids for the past 40 years.
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We have lost these values because the materialistic approach. We now have materialistic vies of everything. Second thing that we are educated but not trained properly. A lot o emphasis is made on professional education or worldly education but ew just ignore th moral and ethical values. Even parents have forgotten about this important part of grooming. The situation is worsening with the passage of time.
These deam words can become part of our life once gain. What we need to do is just start concentrating on our ethical and moral values.  
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It seems the new thing is called bitchassness I see a whole lot of it.

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