Is "Jus" The Same As Gravy?


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Yes, the French term "jus" is another word for gravy. It can also be used to describe fruit juices and a thickened brown stock such as jus de veau (veal stock). A meat derive "jus" or gravy is made using the method known as deglazing. Primarily this involves working with the juices derived from a piece of roast meat but it can also be a technique used to create a gravy for pan fried meat. Deglazing takes place in the pan used to cook the meat. The pan is reheated after the meat is removed and any sediment scrape from the bottom and missed with the juices. Fatty meats require that some fat is drained from the pan before deglazing otherwise the gravy will arrive floating with nasty fatty globules. Add a small quantity of liquid, either stock or wine, to dissolve the residues and a little more when this process is complete. Leave it to cook at a fairly high temperature so that some of the liquid evaporates. This will reduce the acidity of wine (if that is what you are using) and increase the viscosity of the gravy. Season just before serving.

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