Examples Of Improvised Apparatus And How To Do It?


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Lab apparatus are different types of tools that are required for scientists to carry out a varying range of experiments.

Some of the most basic examples of apparatus feature glassware, stands, Bunsen burners and evaporation equipment, their requirement relies which experiments are to be carried out. Laboratory apparatus like beakers, test tubes and flasks fall under the glassware lab equipment category. This is used to contain as well as measure and observe liquid chemicals or compounds.

Specific apparatus that can be used for storing are test tubes with corks or stoppers and glass reagent bottles. Others like the graduated cylinder, graduated beakers and flasks are used to ration liquids. If a liquid needs to be transported from one container to another, the graduated glass cylinder, graduated cylinder or a graduated glass dropper can be used depending on the amount of liquid contained in the pipette.

Other laboratory apparatus that is classified under the same category includes certain types of pans over a lab burner. The evaporating dish, or Petri dish, for example is a circular piece of glass, like a large clear contact lens which is used in the evaporation of chemicals. Another piece of equipment is called the flat-bottomed Erlenmeyer flask which is used in the function of heating liquids over a burner.

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