Does Hull Have White Telephone Boxes?


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No, hull does not have white telephone boxes, but it has cream telephone boxes. It is the only town in United Kingdom to have its own telephome network company named Kingston Communications. The City Council organised this network as a muncipal department, in the year 1902. Today, it is partly privatised with the City Council.

This was the first ever telecom network that offered ASDL to business users all across Europe. It was also the first telephone network, to start an interactive television service with the help of ADSL. It has a very new age telephone infrastructure.

Apart from being a successful telecomunication service in the modern years, Kingston Communications also proved successful with advanced communications in the early 1950's. It was in the early years when they had a system of 'Piped' TV and radio, which was set up by default in every home. This telecommunication network was very successful, in and around Hull, in both the dial-up and ADSL broadband internet.

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