What Does It Mean When Blood Pressure Reading Is 144/70?


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Blood pressure is the force on the walls of the arteries as the blood circulates.

Blood pressure allows blood to flow and deliver nutrients to the body. We measure blood pressure with two numbers. The top number is the blood pressure when your heart beats. The bottom number is your blood pressure when your heart relaxes and refills with blood. The higher your numbers and the longer they are high, the more damage is caused to your blood vessels.

Blood pressure increases with age.

Typical values for a resting, healthy adult human are approximately 120 mmHg (16 kPa) systolic and 80 mmHg (11 kPa) diastolic (written as 120/80 mmHg, and spoken as "one twenty over eighty") with large individual variations.

Usually the systolic is 120 + your age (NORMAL) anything above that is HIGH!

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