What Does It Mean If Abs Lymphocytes Are Low?


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Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell in the vertebrate immune system. Under the microscope, lymphocytes can be divided into large granular lymphocytes and small lymphocytes. Large granular lymphocytes include natural killer cells, NK cells. Small lymphocytes consist of T cells and B cells.

NK cells are a part of innate immune system and play a major role in defending the host from both tumors and virally infected cells. NK cells distinguish infected cells and tumors from normal and uninfected cells by recognizing changes of a surface molecule called MHC, major histo-compatibility complex, class I. NK cells are activated in response to a family of cytokines called interferon's. Activated NK cells release cytotoxic, cell-killing, granules which then destroy the altered cells. They were named "natural killer cells" because of the initial notion that they do not require prior activation in order to kill cells which are missing MHC class I.

T cells and B cells are the major cellular components of the adaptive immune response. T cells are involved in cell-mediated immunity whereas B cells are primarily responsible for humeral immunity, relating to antibodies. The function of T cells and B cells is to recognize specific non-self antigens, during a process known as antigen presentation. Once they have identified an invader, the cells generate specific responses that are tailored to fully eliminate specific pathogens or pathogen infected cells. B cells respond to pathogens by producing large quantities of antibodies which then neutralize foreign objects like bacteria and viruses. In response to pathogens some T cells, called T helper cells, produce cytokines that direct the immune response while other T cells, called cytotoxic T cells, produce toxic granules that contain powerful enzymes which induce the death of pathogen infected cells.

A low normal to low absolute lymphocyte concentration is associated with increased rates of infection after surgery or trauma.

One basis for low T cell lymphocytes occurs when the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, infects and destroys T cells, specifically the CD4+ subgroup of T lymphocytes. Without the key defense that these T cells provide, the body becomes susceptible to opportunistic infections that otherwise would not affect healthy people. The extent of HIV progression is typically determined by measuring the percentage of CD4+ T cells in the patient's blood. The effects of other viruses or lymphocyte disorders can also often be estimated by counting the numbers of lymphocytes present in the blood.
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Your levels of absolute lymphocytes (1.1)  slightly on lower levels. This can be due to anemia or some other diseases. Due to low levels of ABS lymphocytes you are on risk of infection. I advise you to visit a doctor and  discuss this to get proper treatment.
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Thanks! I will do that! I have been unusually tired lately so it is worth looking into -- despite my drs lack of concern.
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You have not mentioned the units of the lymphocytes results. Its normal range is 1000 - 4800/µL. What do you mean 23.3? If it is 23.3 X 103/mm3, then it is normal. If its 23.3 % then also normal. Anyhow, low levels of lymphocytes can be due to bone marrow disorder, some cancers, AIDS. It can also be reduced due to chemo and radio therapies. Exposure to poisons is another cause. So complete diagnosis of the disease requires further reports about lymphocytes like T and B cells count.
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I just had a blood test and everything else is normal except for lymphocytes and lymphocytes abs. The reading are as follows:

Lymphocytes 14.1  (ref, range 20.0-53.01)
Lymphocytes Abs 0.9 (ref, range is 1.0-4,8)

Thanks for your help and response.
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If it is in normal range I would not worry. If it is below normal it could be that you have been fighting a viral infection or something and you have used up a bunch of them and your body is having a hard time keeping up. People that are septic will have a low WBC because they have used up all of there WBC to fight the infection. Lymphocytes work to fight mainly in a viral infection or tumors. Talk with your doctor before you worry because they know all of your lab results and what is going on with you.

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