What Does It Mean When Your Gas Water Heater Is Leaking At The Bottom?


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Water leak around the base of a water heater is caused for the fault of temperature and pressure relief valve. Excessive pressure as well as overheating is caused due to temperature and pressure valve leak. Stuck may be another reason. Leak is also caused from the overhead as well as nearby pumping stations. Leaking from water tank may be another reason of water leak around the base of a water heater.

To get rid off the problem the temperature and pressure valve should be opened and flushed as well. If the valve is required to be changed then it has to be replaced also. A bucket could be place under the overflow pipe. Thermostat level should be removed to avoid the heater from overheating.

It is also useful for temperature and pressure relief valve. A thorough investigation is needed. During that time is water mark or heavy rust is observed or the water is seen setting in combustion chamber bottom , in that time the hot water heater should be changed or replaced.
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Unless it is leaking around a fitting it is time for a new water heater. Irregardless something must be done ASAP as the leak will only get worse. As it's under pressure and hot water the leak will more than likely get worse very fast. Depending on many conditions a water heater can corrode through sometimes in as little as ten years.
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I have a reliance 606 model hot water heater. It is only about 5 - 6 years old, but it is leaking from the bottom of the tank right at the very base.
That are though feeling solid, does appear to have a build up of corrosion or rust around the outside. It is a very slow leak right now.
Does it need to be replaced, and aren't they normally under guaranteed fo 10 years.
I had a plumber install it at the time and he also bought the system from I believe home depot and seem to remember someone told me they lo longer carry that brand.



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