What's A Tingler Ring?


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  • What the tingler ring is
The tingler ring is used on the male genitalia during sexual intercourse and foreplay to heighten stimulation for both partners.

In some cultures, and with some couples, it is thought that a ring on a man's genitals can be highly stimulating for the woman and thus it adds to the sexual experience. It can also add to the male's experience given the restrictive feeling it can have. In the majority of relationships though, it is used to heighten the female's experience in order to produce a better orgasm.

  • How the tingler ring works
The ring will rub sensitive areas on the female's vagina stimulating those nerves. The tingler ring is most often going to have a smoother inner side with a rough outside. This roughness is thought to be more pleasant by stimulating those nerves. It does have to be placed in the right area though, in order to work the best.

It can still stimulate the nerves, but it may not reach the best nerves if it is in the wrong place. There are a couple of different types of rings out there and it is up to the couple to choose the ones they prefer. It should be fairly tight when the couple is at their most excited in order to keep it in place, as well as after.

It would be rather embarrassing if the ring came off. The tingler ring is different from a piercing in that it slides over the genitalia rather than being on the edge of a man's genitalia. It also does not require any pain to use one during intercourse.

  • Where to buy the tingler ring
There are websites and videos that show how this product should be used. The product can be purchased in most sex toy stores or online. It is probably best to have the consent of your partner before considering using one in case it makes her more uncomfortable.

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