What's The Difference Between Sarcasm And Wit?


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Sarcasm is like sassy and sort of mocking. It can be hurtful to some. Sarcasm is always directed at an individual at that individual's expense, but wit doesn't have that limitation.

Wit is fast reacting intellectual replies that many can't think of on the spot. Most think of the comment later in the "I wish I had said this" kind of way. A person with a lot of wit will pull these comments out over and over again without hesitation. Wit can also be combined with sarcasm in a dual of wits when people are tossing insults, but wit isn't limited to sarcasm. Many great comedians are loaded with wit. They can catch you off guard and make you laugh at the unexpected because you didn't know where the joke was going fast enough. Wit can be used in fast talking sale person's to help them think of the replies fast enough to sale the .. Whatever they are selling.

Most consider sarcasm a single form of wit. Where improvisation in comedians would also be a form of wit. Fast-talking silver tongue for the sale person. These are all forms of wit.

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