What Does The Name Neo Mean?


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The name Neo can be used as both boys and girls names. It originated from African Tswana. The meaning of the name is "gift".
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NEO is a prefix used to describe  something as "new"  like neonatal is newborn.
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The word neo means new. It is derived from the Greek word neos, which means young, fresh, new or recent. A neoplasm is a type of new growth or a tumour. The word neonatal means newborn (said of a baby who has just been born). Most hospitals have neonatal intensive care units (abbreviated as ICU). It is a prefix which means new.

Neo is a comet or an asteroid. Its orbit bring it close to the orbit of the Earth. The criterion is a perihelion distance of less that 1.3 AU. NEO is an abbreviation which stands for near-earth object. NEO are objects who orbits bring them near the Earth. Certain comets, and asteroids such as Apollo, Amor and Aten, are collectively known as near-earth objects and abbreviated as NEO.

In the world of cinema, Neo was the name of the character around which the Matrix trilogy revolves. Neo is also known as The One. The character of Neo is played by Keanu Reeves.

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