What's "The Sound Of Music" In Spanish?


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There are really two versions of the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic dubbed into Spanish.
The Latin American version is called "La Novicia Rebelde" (The Rebellious Novice) and has only the dialogue dubbed into Spanish (in Mexico). The European version from Spain is called "Sonrisas y Lágrimas" (Smiles and Tears) and has both the songs and dialogue dubbed into Spanish.
Ironically, while the titles differ completely, the title song has been translated as "El eco de la música" in both versions. I've seen both and recommend looking for a European version. Be careful to check if your DVD player can play movies from Europe.
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Wow! Thanks for the quick answer! Blurtit is awesome! Can anyone recommend a place where I could buy a copy of one of those versions online?
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