What Is The Female Version Of Daniel?


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Daniel is a very popular name for boys in the United States of America, as well as in other English language nations such as the United Kingdom. The name is Christian, and originates from the bible, from the protagonist Daniel - a biblical figure known for interpreting dreams and being important in the Babylon courts, where he was taken as a young man. His story appears in the Old Testament. Many children’s bibles tell of his time in the lion’s den, in which he survives because of his good morals (of course, the complete bible story is more complex than that). The female version on the name Daniel is Danielle, or less commonly Daniela. Other variations also exist in different cultures with similar spellings, such as Daniele and Daniella. The Spanish variation of Daniel is Danilo for men and Dani for women. Both female and male versions of Daniel are commonly abbreviated casually to Danny, whilst men often prefer the even shorter version Dan.

Although the name Daniel comes from the bible, it is said to be of Hebrew origin. The names Daniel and Danielle have the same meaning: ‘God is my judge’. For this reason, as well as the importance of the name in the bible, many Christian parents choose to give their children the name. That is not to say the name is considered religious: As with many names originating from the bible, it has mainstream popularity.

Many famous people from different fields have names that are the female version of Daniel. For instance, there is the famous American novelist Danielle Steel. There is also the Welsh model and actress Danielle Lineker and Danielle Hope, the English singer. Danniella Westbrook is an English television presenter who sports the alternative female variation of the name.
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Danielle, Daniella;)

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