I Caught Fever.is It Correct Or Not?


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To say, "I caught fever", is correct, but it's still a little awkward. It might be better to say, "I caught a fever". Leaving out the "a" makes the sentence a bit ungrammatical, and it's the sort of mistake someone would make if they were learning English (you may in fact be an ESL student or be teaching yourself to speak and write the language).  So, in our opinion, saying, "I caught a fever" is smoother and more polished.

  • Learning grammar

Proper English is a vital factor when trying to communicate with others, and this includes grammar. The structure of sentences and their syntax will be affected by proper or improper grammar, so it's vital to study English grammar and learn how to make proper sentences. Sometimes, the best way to learn English is to sign up for a course, such as the language courses offered by Rosetta Stone or other companies like that. These companies teach English phonetically, and they can be a great way to jump start the learning process. To learn to write English, just find a child's English textbook from the early grades - begin at the beginning and practice drawing letters and making sentences. In time, you will become more adept and you will feel more comfortable writing in English.

  • Practicing

Having conversations with others can be a little daunting if you're just learning English, but it's always the best way to see how you're doing. How well you are understood will help you gauge your progress, and other people will probably be very helpful if you need to repeat yourself or rephrase things in order to be understood. Don't give up, and forgive yourself for any errors. After all, it's hard work learning a language.

Reading a lot is always a great way to know if sentences and phrases are correct.

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