How Much Postage Do I Need For An 8x10 Envelope Weighing 6 Ounces?


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It should cost approximately $1.88 to send an envelope weighing 6 ounces. There are other variables when it comes to the price of sending an envelope other than the size and weight. Factors such as where you will be sending it from and to and the shape of the envelope can influence the price.

If you are in the US, follow this link to find out how much it should cost to post a certain envelope or parcel: You will be first of all asked to select the destination as to where your post is going. There is a drop down list with every country is could be posted to and it is set to a default of Domestic Mail within the USA. You will then be asked the zip codes of where it is going from and where it is going to. You will then have to enter what type of service you would like. You can choose from:

  • Express mail flat envelope - 12.5x9.5" - Flat rate $18.30
  • Express legal flat envelope - 15x9.5" - Flat rate $18.30
  • Priority male large box - 12x12" - Flat rate $14.95
  • Priority male medium box - Flat rate $10.95
  • Priority mail small box - Flat rate $5.20
  • Postcard
  • Letter
  • Large envelope
  • Package
  • Larger package over 12" diameter
You will then need to enter the weight and click 'next'. You will then be given the option in the case you have any specialist requirements such as a rigid envelope, a shape which is not square or rectangular or a variation in thickness in the envelope. If none of these options apply, click 'next'. If you are sending a parcel or a large envelop, you will have the option to pay online this is considerably cheaper than paying in the post office. You will finally be given the expected time of delivery.
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One stamp covers 7 pages no matter the envelope size . It should cost approximately $1.88 to send an envelope weighing 6 ounces.

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