What Does A Left Frontal Encephalomalacia Mean? What's The Outcome? I'm Speaking Of A Child With This Diganoses.


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The frontal lobe is one of the 4 lobes of brain. It is related with thoughts. Damage to this lobe can cause mood changes. This lobe is also related with long term memories. The damage due to softening to the left frontal lobe of brain is called left frontal encephalomalacia. This can be due to vascular insufficiency or due to degenerative process of the cells of this lobe. Damage to this part of brain can result in loss of long memories, mood changes, wild thinking and activities, too much talking without sense. These patients have more chances of developing schizophrenia.
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I have a question that I am having a hard time finding an answer  I was diagnosed with spinal Menen at the age of 8 months I finally got a hold of some medical pappers an it states encephalomalacia at the frontal lobe with ex vacuo dilatation of portions of the frontal lobe I hope you can answer all the doctors seem they don't have the information

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