How Do You Buy A Porta Potty That's Already Been Used?


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Port-a-Potties are fast becoming a common sight on roads, side streets, highways and building sites. Whereas a number of years ago the things were a rarity and often people would stop to see what the phone booth like items actually were, they are now as much part of the street side furniture as lamp posts and mail boxes. Most Port-a-Potties that are used for large sporting events, music festivals and even on construction sites are rented from a wide range of companies. Should you wish to acquire one for your own needs, venture close enough to these flimsy looking contraptions as the phone number and even the address is often emblazoned on a logo somewhere under the dirt. Due to the high turnover of the Port-a-Potty these companies often rejuvenate their fleet and may well sell off older models or those in need of repair so it is worth giving them a call.

Of course with the increase in auction sites it appears there is nothing people won’t try and sell for a fast buck, likewise there appears to be nothing you can’t find for sale. A quick browse may throw up a previously used Port-a-Potty with one careful owner. A local community forum or website is a superb way for people to keep in touch and look after the best interests of their neighbourhood; they can also hook up buyer and seller in the used toilet market. A quick internet search produced a case of a building company in Missouri who, after clearing a site they were working on in Kennett, realised their precious Port-a-Potties had been left on the street. Not worth the hire of another collection truck the foreman advertised the mobile bathrooms for sale at $50 each. As of 2009 they were still for sale.
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Were can I find a used porta potty in the denver colorado area
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Sacramento area
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Since you do not say where you live  I can not give you a exact business. Here is a page on porta potties and trailer units.
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i have flagged several that are misleading . i could not say this one was because i have heard of people collecting all kinds of weird stuff.
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why than ya kind sir for my answer..i just ordered a new porta potty yesterday!
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can i ask why you collect such a item? is it for a home business or for a personal collection.

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