What Are The Safety Tips/emergency Rules To Follow In Case Of Fire?


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Switch of your power from main switch, remove the combustible items in the house like gas cylinder and kerosene etc. Get your all the family members out of the houses if possible douse the fire using sand buckets, water hose or with fire extinguisher.
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Run immediately outside your house. If the fire is quite manageable, you can use fire extinguisher. Well, its better if you check your appliances once in a while. Having a PAT testing equipment at hand surely gives you a safer environment.
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Most people aren’t aware that a fire grows very very quickly indeed. Within 30 seconds, a small fire can turn into a full fledged life threatening blaze. Often people overestimate their ability to douse a fire and underestimate the time they’ll need to escape from there. When a fire starts, the best that you can do for your own safety is to leave that place right away, call a fire station and don’t come in the way of the fire fighters as they do their job.

Source:Fire Safety

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