What Is The Full Form Of A.n.m?


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The letters ANM are an acronym for an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife.

Auxiliary nurses or healthcare assistants are employed to work in a hospital or some other kind of community care setting and are guided by qualified professionals such as nurses. They can also work with qualified midwives on maternity wards.

The roles and duties of an auxiliary nurse can vary as it largely depends on the department where they are stationed. But typical duties can include:

• Making beds.
• Toileting patients.
• Feeding patients.
• Mobilizing patients.
• Washing and dressing patients.
• Helping patients with comfort.
• Feeding patients.
• Monitoring the conditions of patients such as their pulse, temperature and weight.

An auxiliary nurse midwife will be somebody who has been educated and trained in nursing and midwifery for around 1 to 2 years. After this training and in a hospital situation, they will be able to conduct basic nursing and midwifery duties but with a limited scope. They will usually be supervised by a professional or qualified nurse or midwife.

The training and development that a prospective auxiliary nurse undertakes depends upon how they came to enter the profession for example, it is possible for people to begin training as a healthcare assistant by first gaining an apprenticeship. Whilst they are training auxiliary nurses may be given the opportunity to earn a QCF qualification at level 2 or 3 in Healthcare Support Services. This will usually be completed alongside the job. Obtaining this type of qualification will lead that person to more responsibilities and duties.

If an auxiliary nurse gains a QCF level 3 qualification, then they have usually achieved the minimum requirements for entering nurse training, however, if a person wishes to undergo nurses training then they should speak to the University where they wish to study for their individual entry requirements.

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