Where Is France?


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France is a country in Western Europe, just across the Channel from the United Kingdom (or just under the United Kingdom, if you look on a globe). The official language is French, and the capital city is Paris.

Countries Bordering France

France is bordered by (or 'touches') eight countries: Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, and Switzerland.

Sea Borders of France

To the North, France is bordered by the English Channel (known as La Manche in French). The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea are found to the South, and the Bay of Biscay to the West.

Other French Territories

In addition to mainland France, the French Republic also has territories in North America, South America, the Carribean, the southern Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica.


France, overseas territories included, has a land mass of 674,843 square kilometers - about twice the size of Colorado. This makes France the second-largest country in Europe (after Russia) and the fourty-first largest country in the world.

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France is just off the coast of the united kingdom.
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France is in Western Europe across the English Channel from England.

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