What Are The Scope Of Management Information System?


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The Purpose and Scope of MIS - Management information systems.
... 1.1 The Purpose and Scope of MIS Management Information Systems can be defined as 'The combination of human and computer based resources that results in the collection, storage, retrieval, communication and use of data for the purpose of efficient management of operations and for business planning'. Source: Kelly Management Information Systems are primarily concerned with the delivery of information (both internal and external) to organisational members from the shop floor workers to the management. The purpose of MIS is to help the smooth running of the business by providing information on the firms data (such as accounting figures) employees from different levels will then evaluate this information so that decisions can be made to ensure that the business remains competitive and successful. MIS have been created to support the whole range of business's administration and regulatory activities and can be seen in all parts of the world and in all types of
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SCOPE OF STUDY in the term "MIS" arose to describe such applications providing managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that would help in managing the enterprise. Today, the term is used broadly in a number of contexts and includes decision support systems, resource and people management.

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Management Information System  related to economics, management, operations
research, statistics, computer science, and many other subjects.Until now,there are many meanings of management information system.I will give you the meaning which was often used. MIS is a people-driven integrated man-machine system.It uses computer hardware, software, network communications equipment and other office
equipment to collect,transmit,process,storage,maintenance and update the information,in order to improve  effectiveness and efficiency on supporting the corporations to make decision on grass-roots operations,middle-level control and high-level decision-making.
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Answers: - MIS (management information systems) is a general term for the computer systems in an enterprise that provide information about its business operations. It's also used to refer to the people who manage these systems. Typically, in a large corporation, "MIS" or the "MIS department" refers to a central or centrally-coordinated system of computer expertise and management, often including mainframe systems but also including by extension the corporation's entire network of computer resources

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