Grafting Or Graphing Can You Explain What They Are Referring To?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
Grafting is joining the stem or bud of one plant onto the root or stem of another to form a new plant and graphing is a feature in some software program that allows numerical data to be interpreted as a graph or chart. Grafting is the right word in the sense of planting. Graphing is not the appropriate word for it.
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Ryan Rugraff answered
No, depending on where you live, you do not need to graft the avocado seed/plant to another plant. It will take a long time for the tree to reach a suitable age for fruit though. If you live in a colder region, I would not even attempt growing avocados. Grafting as he said above is typically taking the trunk/branch from one tree and wiring it to another type of tree to get a type of hybrid. For instance the white pine does not live well in lower altitudes, so it is often grafted to the root/trunk base of a black pine that can handle lower altitudes and warmer weather.
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Grafting is like in skin grafts, graphing would be like graphing some type of information

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