Why Are Lefties Usually Smarter Than Right?


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I believe that a likely explanation is that Lefties are forced from a young age to adapt to items and technology that simply stated, does not make sense.  Scissors, Can Openers, learning to write, the list goes on.  As Lefties are forced to adapt their learning to a different method than other people (as very few people can teach using their off hand), by the time a lefty has reached adulthood, they have completed a far greater amount of problem solving in their lifetime, making them more skilled and appearing to be naturally more intelligent.
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I'm not sure on that level but I am a lefty and it says that we are always thinking all of the time I think I'm smart but I'm not going to say if you are a right hander you are dumb good luck !!!!!!
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There are several unproven facts about the brain that are out there. When it comes to be left or right handed, the true fact is that those people that are ambidextrous (those that are both right and left handed) tend to be smarter. They typically choose to show the left hand side as it is different and they feel different so it is fitting for them. They also say that a typical human only uses 10% of their brain but are now finding that to be untrue. The real question is how much brain activity is going on. The more activity, the smarter a person tends to be.

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