Can You Explain Different Categories Of The System?


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Depending on what is meant by "The System" there can be different answers. What comes to mind when "The System" is mentioned is often computers. Computers are a part of everyday life that most of us refer to as a system. Most particularly when talking about computers and systems we think about operating systems. There are different categories of operating systems. These will be listed and explained below.

* The batch processing operating system is where the interaction between the user and processor is going to be limited. The computer has functions it works on by itself after they have been set up by the computer user. Large amounts of data are often set up to be processed by this operating system.

* Real time operating systems work with inputs simultaneously. It is fast and effective with a control complex. Usually these systems work with machinery or industrial systems.

* A single user operating system works for one user only.

* A multi tasking operating system works with more than one application in which it can load and use memory at the same time. The processor handles one application and can switch between various operations. This is like the Windows operating system many of us have at home. It is a single user system, but it also can handle more than one task at a time.

* The multi user operating system allows more than one user on the operating system at one time. It is like a network system.

* The distributed operating system is a system in which software and data have been distributed on different storage devices. It could be that the information is in various geographical locations. The above is a description of different categories within computer systems and hopefully what is meant by "the system."
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