How To Answer The Question "Tell Me Something About You?"


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Will Martin Profile
Will Martin answered
The thing to remember is that the employer wants to know things about you that will make you the best candidate for the job. So you need examples of things you can do and have done that make you suitable. If you've worked in your father's business you already have more work experience than the typical candidate, so do emphasise that.

If you put "tell me about yourself" in any search engine, you can get lots of advice on preparing for this question. The best thing I found was on YouTube - there is a link to a very good mini-presentation as well as other advice. Good luck.
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neha prakash answered
Well when you are asked that question just begin with your name if they do not specify when they ask you that question. N then tell your educational qualifications, your strengths like career oriented, good communicator, fast learner etc...

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