Do You Think That Genius Is Inborn Or Acquired?


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"Genius" can be viewed as an increased capacity to not only learn but to put that knowledge to good use.  Adding a good education to a mind which is capable of genius exponentially increases the demonstration of that genius mind.
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Genius is a person with one quality that is inherited & 2nd built yourself is "awareness" with everything & in every field...
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It's born, but has to be nurtured or won't be very noticeable
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I don' t understand what you mean.
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It's inborn, not acquired, but if you don't educate a genius then he/she has no opportunity to demonstrate that they are a genius.....a caveman or native who lives in a mud hut can have an IQ of 300 but won't be able to do much with it because of the lack of opportunities in their environment
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A person of extraordinary intellect and talent: "One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius
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Genius is acquired one only.  God has made inborn talented persons with talent. But one who is born with out talent and acquires talent by day by day hard work and practise is a real genius  

He can be exalted to a high rank.

For example, some people have excellent inborn flexible bodies to do gymnastic.  

There is nothing can be exalted because God has gifted them with such qualities... They can do their work (gymnastic ) with out any hard work. Nothing is special there.

But I have not been born with a flexible body... But I trained my body for 5 years to acquire such skill, flexibility...  

This hard work can be exalted.  

 Now it's your turn to judge who is great?

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I think genius is inborn because many people are borned with this talent, that is discovered sometimes in thier young age.

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