What Is The Meaning Of Chinal In India?


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Research suggests that the word ‘chinal’ is used to describe a woman who has got a husband or boyfriend but desires sexual relationships with other men. Some say that is simply means ‘whore’. The derogatory term is a slang word in the Bengali language, one that is spoken throughout India.

The Bengali language is an eastern Indo-Aryan language that is native to the eastern South Asia region known as Bengal. This region consists of Bangladesh, Indian state Bengal as well as parts of the Indian states Tripura and Assam. The language is spoken by nearly 300 million people and is written with the Bengali script. The large population of speakers means that Bengali ranks as the sixth most spoken language of the world. Like other Eastern Indo-Aryan languages, Bengali evolved from a vernacular form of the ancient Sanskrit language around 1000 - 1200 AD. It is currently the primary language that is spoken in Bangladesh and the second most spoken language in India. Bengali has a literary tradition that dates back a long time and is rich with history.

It binds together a region that is culturally diverse and is one of the main contributors to Bengali nationalism. The Bengali Language Movement took place in the 50s and was the result of a strong linguistic consciousness in Bangladesh. During the movement and its protests several people were killed and eventually the Bengali script gained its recognition as a state language within the Dominion of Pakistan. The day that the victims were killed in the protests, 21 February 1952, is now observed as Language Movement Day and has since been classed as International Mother Language Day by UNESCO. Bengali is a rich language that has as many as 100,000 words. 50,000 of these words are said to be direct reborrowings from Sanskrit while 21,100 are native words with Sanskrit cognates and the rest are foreign or Austro-Asiatic borrowings.

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