What Is Your Daily Routine?


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I usually wake up around 6:00 to 6:15am and start the day with fifty push-ups followed by fifty sit-ups; I find it really blows the cobwebs away from the night before. I then make my way downstairs for a cup of really strong coffee and a banana before heading on out of the door for a 4-5 km run.

Once I get back, I like to take a nice long shower making sure I'm really clean and fresh for the day ahead.

After I'm dried and dressed, I grab a cheese and crab bagel and a litter of OJ to keep me company on the way to the office. I like to get there around 10.

At the office I'll get in, say "hi" to everyone and start on the important emails I've received which usually take me through to lunch at 1pm.

I always meet a work colleague or a business associate for lunch. We'll spend an hour or two chatting over work and sinking a few glasses of wine and eating a fine meal before heading back at 2:00/3:00pm.

The afternoon is where the magic happens. It can either be signing off a new soap opera, deciding on whether to take up a new sitcom or changing somebody's life by telling them they've been fired.

At 6:00pm I leave the office and head home. Most nights it will be a quick turnaround as I'll be back out for 8:00pm, usually to a charity gala or a dinner function of some description.

If it's a night off I like to sit and relax in front of the TV with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and a takeout - Thai is my current favorite.

I'll hit the hay around midnight, ready for a new day.
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I get up at five, put in my contacts, exercise, eat breakfast while I am online, take a shower, get all ready to leave, feed the dog, grab my stuff, walk catch the bus to work and school, walk home, find something for dinner, do hw, eat dinner, go online, go out with friends, put pjs on, watch my fave shows on tv, pet the dog, brush with flouride, put on face stuff, take out contacts, go to bed. What about you?
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I work in the afternoon/evening, so I usually don't get up until around nine, eat breakfast, do laundry, and plan/run errands. I work until eight pm, come home, have dinner with my husband, watch some tv, and fall asleep just before midnight. I get online briefly several times a day, depending on my free time.
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I have a terrible sleeping pattern ever since I came out of work due to illness. I sometimes don't hit bed until around 4 in the morning. I am restless throughout the night and waken several times. I get up around 2 pm feeling exhausted. So I sit and watch telly for a few hours, do a crossword and if I am up to it I head out for an hour. I childmind my nephew who is autistic and I make beds and wash dishes while my wife is at work. In the evenings I am back on the telly and if my son heads to bed I take over the computer. Pretty sad eh
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Robyn Rothman
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My sleep is the same thing. Of course I worked nights for 25 years and rarely went to bed before 4 am anyway. I'm still a night person, but sometimes I'm awake all night.
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That's all right. Everyone goes through that sometimes. You'll get through it.
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I don't really have a routine. I wake up at 7am,sometimes 9am, sometimes 11am, according to my classes & when it starts. I eat my breakfast, have a shower & go to the college. I don't have lunch till I get back home at 2pm, sometimes at 5pm, so I often mix lunch with dinner in a meal. In my home I study, watch tv,chat with my family members or use the internet. But when I go out, I hang out with friends or family members, rarely go shopping ( I don't like it). I go to bed at 9pm,sometimes 12am, sometimes 3am.
It's just a mess... Isn't it ?
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My work schedule varies, so I don't have a set routine. I don't think you're crazy at all, I miss being able to do the same things at the same time every day. I think it is helpful for many people to have a structured schedule. There are so many things in our lives that we cannot control, it can be comforting to do the same things at the same time every day. I also like having lists and checking things off as I get them done.
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I wake up Early in the morning ... I go for walk  than I
come back and cleaned up myself and have my breakfast ..
  At 10 Am to 12 Noon I attend my computer class and At
1 o'Clock I helped my mother in Household things ... At2 I
along with my mother take lunch together and at 5.30 pm my
father come back from his office .... Than we have tea
together at 7 pm my Mother starts Preparing meal for us and
at 9.30 we have dinner together and than I always say gud
9t to my parents and go to my room to sleep .....
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I wake up, shower and get ready for school
School starts at 7 30 so I leave the house to get to high school at 7.
After school ends (2 00) I go to the ice skating rink and practice for 1-2 hours. Then I go to my Taekwondo dojang and pracice for an hour.
After that, I go home, eat dinner and do my homework.

Yes, that's my boring schedule....at least until summer
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I don't have any routine depending upon circumstances I get up in the morning lately I don't have any structural routine I take breakfast and shower prepare for college means books regarding timetable  adjusted in the bag go to college and have a lunch at 2pm  I get tired when I return home and usually in the evenings  play cricket its my hobby  and take dinner at 9'o clock  must and should  because my family members are taken by the same time  I fall asleep at 11'o clock and I go to dreams
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My routine

6:45-7:00 wake up

7:05 shower

7:15 Get in School Uniform

7:20 Spike my hair and brush Teeth

7:25 breakfas

7:45-8:20 Free time!

8:20 get ready for School

8:30-8:35 Get a lift to school or walk

9:00 school starts

3:40 school ends

3:45-4:45 Homework And A snack (if no homework free time)

4:45 Do chores

5:30 Dinner

6:00-6:10 A few extra chores

6:10 exsersize

7:30 Shower

7:35-9:15 Free time

9:30 Get ready for bed

10:00 sleep time 

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I have a schedule .... I have to follow, with work, volunteering, school, kids in school, homework for everyone, after school activities, cheerleading, gymnastics, the dog, eating, baths ... I have to have a schedule to follow.
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So what's helps you the most? I am very humbled by people like you. I have not yet had kids but....I feel like I cram as much into my day as possible....how am I going to have enough time to spend with my kids....to me, being a parent is the most impressive thing one can do.
Alyssa Carrizales
Trust me, you will find time for your kids, you will MAKE time. When you have children, you automatically where your heart on the outside. Once upon a time I planned my life around me, my job, my social life. Once you have kids, it is all about them. You still have to take time for yourself. But you have to put them first, you have to let them see what they are capable of and you are in support of what they do. They need to feel and see the love you give to everyone!!!!

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