What Are Dominant And Recessive Genes?


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A dominant gene is a gene that is commonly passed down from generation to generation (first priority).
A recessive gene is a gene that can only be expressed when no dominant genes are present (second priority).
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With a dominant allele a person only needs to inherit one copy for the effects to show in their phenotype because its paired recessive allele will remain silent and will be carried by that individual.
   But with a recessive allele, the person needs to inherit a double copy ,from both parents, for it to show its effects. A person with a recessive trait is pure breeding for that trait.  A person with a dominant trait is said to be heterozygous for that trait.
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Dominant genes are the genes that the parent's children are most likely to have.
Recessive genes sre the genes the parent's kids will most likely not have.
This is all based on the genes of other generations.
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Dominant gene carry the strong messages
recessive gene carry the weak messages
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There are two types of genes you receive from your parents, that determine eye color, hair color, complexion etc. The recessive genes are the genes with low prominence and can be over ridden with the dominant genes.

for example: Recessive gene is blue eye color and the dominant gene is black eye color, is is easy to say that the child will have black eyes. However, figuring out which is the dominant gene if a parent has blue eyes and the other has green would be a different case altogether.

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