Can You Give Examples Of Synonyms?


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A synonym is a word that has a meaning that is exactly the same or very similar to another word.

The examples in the English language are truly endless, but here's a few examples you might be interested in:

Examples of synonyms According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there are over 380 synonyms for the word 'good' - which makes it the word with the most synonyms in the English language.

Semantic relatives of the word 'good' include: Admirable, ethical, decent, desirable, fair, favorable, fine, expert, exquisite, fabulous, commendable, competent, complimentary, gifted.

What are synonyms Despite the word 'good' often being heralded as the word with the most synonyms, there is a rather unlikely contender ruffling a few feathers.

Some linguists argue that many of the synonyms relating to the word 'good' are inadmissible because they can have different meanings dependent on the context.

Interestingly, the word 'drunk' (or the act of being drunk) is another high-hitter with over 100 synonyms. You can read some of them on this rather humorous blog post.
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Synonyms are words that have the same meaning.

An example of this is:

Sad = unhappy

Those two words have the same meaning...
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Synonyms for 'good':
Excellent brilliant great
super superb fantastic
terrific magnificent splendid

Synonyms for 'happy':
Blissful content glad
joyful delighted thrilled
pleased gleeful ecstatic
elated cheerful merry

Synonyms for 'hungry':
Ravenous starving famished

Synonyms for 'horrible':
Horrid unpleasant nasty
awful dreadful frightful
terrible ghastly hideous

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