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Although you may not be familiar with the word itself, you will no doubt have received compliments over your lifetime. Whether you're walking down the street and someone says how nice your hair looks today, or are being praised about the beautiful painting you have just completed, these are all compliments.

It's where someone makes a verbal comment that is positive about an individual or their achievements. The opposite of receiving a compliment is an insult, and this is usually referring to a negative aspect of a person.

The word 'compliment' is not to be confused with the word 'complement' - and you can notice the slight difference in spelling between the two words. You get a complement when two things go together well. For example, some people might say that a bottle of white wine complements fish well, or that peas complement carrots. In many cases, it's where the two different things go together well.

Top tips on giving compliments:

  • Make sure you only compliment people on special occasions. The more niceties you give, the less it will mean to the people you are talking to.
  • Only say compliments when you mean it. Saying something nice for the sake of it can be hurtful if it isn't true - especially if they find out that you were only joking with them.
  • Don't use compliments sarcastically. Not only will it be upsetting to the person your remarks are targeted at, but there is a chance that you might look bad in front of others.
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A compliment is usually a positive or flattering statement made to or about someone. A compliment is usually about something to do with your appearance, such as clothes, hair etc. It's not the same as praise, which is usually given for something you've achieved. So "You have lovely eyes" is a compliment, while "That was a great presentation you gave" is praise.

A "compliment slip" is a piece of paper enclosed with a document or package; it usually just contains the sender's contact details.

A "complimentary" drink (or ticket, or whatever) is something you get for free, included in the service or maybe as an apology (eg you might get a complimentary drink if you complain of a bad meal in a restaurant.)

The link between all these meanings is the idea of politeness; in fact the word comes from the Latin complere, "to fulfil" (the requirements of courtesy.)
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To encourage anybody, that is called complement

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