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A diagram can come in many forms but the general meaning is a 'symbolic representation of information'. They are used in the workplace and in schools for educational purposes. They help individuals to solve problems or simply display information and statistics in an understandable form.

One particular format of diagram is a pictorial diagram which consists of a detailed image of an object, along with some text explaining what is being shown in the diagram. Some pictorial diagrams are shown to scale, whereas others are not fit to actual size and will show smaller components of what they are representing.

An example of a pictorial diagram is a figure of a human body depicting all the internal organs and explaining the various bodily functions and responsibilities. These are usually found in medical literature. One of the most common diagrams found in education is the mathematical diagram which can include bar charts, line graphs and histograms. These diagrams display information in a numerical format. Pie charts are also commonly used in schools, however they are circular and display ratios or fractions of a whole. 

Another example of a diagram is a relationship diagram. These diagrams represent correlations of relationships through a combination of words, arrows, boxes and so on. A type of relationship diagram is a flow chart which depicts situational relationships. For example, if you were trying to generate ideas for a project you would write down a general idea and then create additional ideas linked to the first one. It is based on words and actions which sum up the purpose of a relationship diagram.
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