What Is The Format Of Writing A Hand Over Note?


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A couple of samples to show possible handover letter formats can be found at and It should be noted that pasting the latter address into the search bar will automatically initiate download of the document.

  • Writing Handover Notes
Writing a handover note is not as daunting as it may sound. The first step is to jot down basic essential information, such as external and internal contacts; guides to specific computer systems or programs; necessary passwords, although these would be best kept under lock and key until the last minute; documents and where to find them, etc.

  • Outlining Work
A list of recently completed projects, in case of feedback or queries, as well as outstanding and expected projects should also be prepared. This should include where relevant information, materials or equipment for each project may be located or sourced.

Relevant contact details, both internal and external, as well as completion dates for finished projects and deadlines, timescales, etc for outstanding projects should also be added for each project.
If applicable, financial details should be outlined clearly and in detail.

  • Polishing the Note
Before finalizing the note, it is advisable to go through all details again and ensure nothing vital has been missed. Details should then be presented in a clear, precise manner.

There is no need to give step by step instructions on how to complete a project. Not only will a successor know how to do the job, they may also have a slightly different approach. Detailing what needs to be done will be sufficient.

All in all, a handover note should not be much longer than three to four pages at most. Any vital documents and files should be attached and clarified.
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If you click here you will be taken to a search results page. The very first listed result is also the best - if you click where it says 'handover notes' you will then open a document that explains the format of a handover note in detail, and if you scroll to the bottom of this you will come to a template that you can copy and use for your own note.
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