What Does "Low Urine PH" Mean?


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PH shows how alkaline or acidic the fluid is. Low pH urine means acidic urine. When you eat food the urine turns alkaline shortly after that and becomes acidic at times when you are not eating. And therefore Starvation is a highly possible reason for low pH. Other than starvation, medications, diarrhea and kidney problems may cause low pH urine.
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Your urine ph should be 6.2 to 6.4. A ph of 5.0 is considered very acidic and even 5.5 is still too low. By definition you are in a state of Acidosis or too acidic. The definition of acidosis according to Dorland's Medical Dictionary 27th edition page 17 is, " a pathological condition resulting from the accumulation of acid and a decrese in the alkaline reserves."  Too much acidity is why we age and have health problems.  An example would be a swiming pool reguires a specific Ph and if the pool is too acidic it will destroy the diamond brite or the walls of the pool.
    What causes ph imbalances is lack of proper nutriton as certain minerals assists in balancing the ph scale. To correct the problem you need to see a Chiropractor well versed in nutrition or a nutrtionist.
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I agree with candidal. Maybe drink more fluids (water) as well. It will help get rid of some of the acidic qualities in the urine. I would say go to a doctor to give you an antibiotic to speed up the process.
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PH of 5 but may-be lower the test strip is just yellow, I do go to the doctor regular and I have regular blood checks and every thing is good. I am 58 years old and over weight and work on the road all meals are in a restaurant. I have no real problems and I was just checking my PH because I heard about it on the radio.

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