Where Is Legitamate Work At Home Internet Rebate Jobs?


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Yes, there are so many web sites on internet providing one the facilities to earn money without taking pain of going out. But this is the fact we all know that the internet is not a real world. So, if you want to work with any of these sites, try to start through some reliable resources because on most of the sites registration is not free. So, in order to avoid the wastage of your money do pay attention to this aspect as well.

You can work for different sites as a technical writer, you can configure their servers, you can fill out different sorts of forms, you can work as graphic designer or web designer and there are many more other categories. You can find out such sites through search engines.

These jobs will never want you to visit offices on regular basis. You might be given a task to be completed in certain time duration. If you complete one task in an efficient manner then you can get more projects after that. You will get more opportunities as you gain experience. The major advantage of earning from home is that you can earn money and you can take care of your home duties as well.
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"Deferred rebates" are definitely a scam. As for rebate processing, while there are companies who outsource all kinds of work, anyone who says "click here to learn more about this fantastic opportunity" etc, is also operating a scam. Home work for a specific company is likely to be advertised locally or on its website.

If you are looking for home work opportunities, you could try Enterprise Nation. They may not offer guarantees, but they do try to find more credible work opportunities, and there is also a forum which you can contact to get more ideas.
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Yes of course there are many jobs available and you can do work from home using computer. Jobs for IT engineers are more than any other field's engineers. I am going to mention some jobs; you can work from home because for these jobs it is not necessary for you to work from office.

* Content writer: Content writing is a job of writing contents for a website. Website could be of any category as Forum, Blog, Articles, News, sports, etc.
* Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is a set of methods or you can say a procedure used for improving the ranking of a website on search engines. This is one of the demanding jobs now days.

* Moderator: You can perform your services from home as a moderator of a website. For example you are a moderator of a game's website. Then you have to actually control things related to website. For example users are giving comments about different games, if you see any comment which includes abuses and according to your company policies abuses are not allowed then you have to delete that comment. Similarly you have to update list of games. These sorts of things you have to perform as a moderator.
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Yes of course there are many jobs available and you can do work from home on computer. If you have writing ability then you can write articles. There are many companies which hire people from different countries and they also pay them very good salary. This is also an easy job because you have to write 4 or 5 articles in a week but it also depends on that company as how many articles they need on daily basis and how they utilize your service.

These days many new different websites are coming and they hire content writers for their websites. It is also a very good and interesting job. Actually, these jobs don't require that a person must work in an office that's why web masters hire good and experience person no matter they belong to different country or do work from their home. But if you are a new then it will be difficult for you to get these jobs from abroad because some abroad web masters don't trust if you don't show any experience but there are some companies which also don't care of this. If you want to get any project from your country then it is not much difficult and totally depends on your skills.

Similarly you can do jobs as a Search Engine optimizer, Web builder and search analyst.
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Yes there are real jobs for stay at home moms. Most of them involve the telephone. But if you had a job where you were on the computer a lot before having kids, you could talk to your boss about working from home. Telecommuting is what it is called. Peace
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There are two bbb approved sites you can go to to find legit work  jobs.com and hea- employment.com
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Donny Suitor , There are many places you can find online jobs, answered

It's Amazing how the online job market has grown, you can literally
retain an online job is ANY field you just need the right guidance to
make your dream a reality. Like they mention above there are many work
at home scams´╗┐ that will never pay you a dime just waste your time. What
you need to do is find the legit companies this is usually done by
FREE/PAID membership sites or training programs.

The best work at home site I have found is http://Realonlinejobs.ca

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If you are a bit talented in article writing, you can try writing contents for various projects. This could be for various purposes: Product review, travel tips, health tips, SEO articles, etc. I am currently engaged as content writer on www.iwriter.com, and  it is great place for newbies in online work. I started there because, like other sites, you don;t have to bid for jobs, you just take project you want and start writing immediately. You will notice that standard and premium writers are not well paid, but if you work your way to Elite you might get around 24$ for 1000 word article. Hope I helped you!

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Ray Dart
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:) You were asking elsewhere about "social media marketing" (or some similar-meaning phrase). Curiously, unlike some similar organisations, I don't think that iwriter are THAT bad. (although I hope that Petar A uses punctuation and syntax a bit better in his contributions there than he does above.)
Yo Kass
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Yeah, I agree Ray.

iWriter doesn't seem to be that bad - and a few of their contributors actually write good answers (albeit with the odd "unnatural looking link") - but I just think we have to be careful about what message we send out to new visitors to Blurtit.

If your first experience is a feed with 6 answers in a row all linking to the same website, to me that sends the message that it's ok to use Blurtit solely for promoting your business.
As a regular user of the site, the idea of that sounds painfully boring.

Also, I personally believe, social media marketing is about being social, connecting with people in a genuine way.

Only engaging in opportunities to talk about your own website doesn't seem very social to me - it's more of a one sided conversation then.. I have yet to see a single iWriter contributor answer a question unrelated to their website.

But on the other hand, I want the moderation/editing to be fair and to keep the site open to any genuine contributor. Maybe I'm being too fussy?
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Ray Dart - thank you for commenting my syntax and punctuation, cause I think that is really important issue here and foundation of my post. Kass Yassin - I'm really ready to answer any question regarding iwriter. As I said before, I am newbie in freelancing business and I think that a little encouragement to someone who is thinking to start his/hers career in freelancing direction is needed. That was purpose of my post. If anybody needs any details, I'll be happy to answer to the limit of my experience.
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Yeah I feel the same, I can't get any where. I have looked for hours on web sites, they all ask for money to start the job
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I found that too, my advice, never pay for getting job. Only real sites offers free registration.
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Yes they are many on site an web based sites that allows many to earn a living staying at home to do so

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