How Many Different Road Signs Are There?


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The Highway Code lists more than 160 different individual types of sign. There are three categories of road signs in the UK. These are information giving which are usually rectangular, warning signs which are usually triangular and signs giving order which are circular. For example, a sign giving distances to major towns will be rectangular, a sign warning of a sharp bend will be triangular and a speed limit sign will be circular. In addition there are several colour systems for information signs. These are blue and white for motorway signage, white on green with some yellow for primary routes and black on white for other roads. Except on motorways, most warning and order signs are black on white surrounded by a red band. There are also signs for roadworks in black on yellow, signs with white on brown for tourist attractions and a few rogue signs that defy all these rules such as the classic lollipop crossing sign which is red, tallow and black. There are also only two typefaces specified for use.

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