What Does It Mean If The Whites Of Your Eyes Turn Very White?


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This means you're perfectly healthy and there is nothing wrong with your eyes. You shouldn't really be able to notice any kind of change in the color of this part of your eye as if they remain white then you can be sure that you are perfectly healthy. If, however, the white of your eye turns yellow then you have something to worry about.

· Jaundice

If the white of your eyes ever does turn yellow, then you will often see that your skin turns yellow as well. This condition is known as jaundice, but is also known to most people as icterus. This is a condition that creates a yellow pigmentation to the skin as well as the conjunctival membrane over the sclerae (this is the real name for the whites of your eyes).

Jaundice can also affect other mucous membranes within the body, caused by the hyperbilirubinemia condition. Hyperbilirubinemia is a condition that involves increased levels of bilirubin within the blood.

Hyperbilirubinemia hence causes a huge increase in the levels of bilirubin that are found within the extracellular fluid, and is generally an indication of some kind of serious condition. Generally, the concentration of the mentioned bilirubin substance within the blood plasma will need to exceed 1.5 mg/dL(2) (This is the same as >26µmol/L). This means that it is three times the normal amount, as it is usually at around the 0.5 level. At tree times more the color will be easily visible. The word jaundice comes from the French term 'jaune', which means yellow.

Generally, jaundice is seen within people suffering from liver disease like liver cancer or hepatitis. Sometimes it indicates an obstruction of the biliary tract, too, which can include things like pancreatic cancer and gallstones.

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