What Is A Receipt?


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A receipt is an acknowledgement that a specific article has been received. This article can be goods or a service and has to do with a specific sum of money being parted with for it.
The most familiar receipt most people will deal with is one they receive at a checkout. This is the most common form of receipt in English speaking countries. It will generally have an itemised list of all the goods purchased as well as the amount it costs including taxes and discounts. It will usually show the method of payment, so credit card, debit card, cash etc.
A receipt may also have messages on it wishing you a good day as well as information on things such as warranties or special offers you received when purchasing the goods. A receipt may also be received for non retail goods such as during a bank transaction or other non retail operations.
In English speaking countries receipts are generally seen as a legal document that can be used to store information as well as for the tax man to keep an eye on how things are going on.
Receipts are generally created on thermal printing paper. Receipts are generally kept as proof of purchase for the sake of guarantees or warrantees should a good break within an allotted time.
Recently gift receipts are also available, these are used to purchase goods and are given to people almost like notes of credit or gift vouchers. They are generally placed inside a nice case to ensure they look nice.
Receipts can also be received electronically and can be set from the point of sale to a customer. They prove as with all receipts that an article has been received.
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A receipt is a document which shows proof of payment. It is used to obtain refunds in retail establishments, to prove payment in disputes arising between businesses, or between individuals and businesses, or between individuals, and also to prove ownership in disputed cases of possession. When you purchase anything, whether it is groceries, clothing, or whatever, the standard practice is for the purchaser to receive a receipt from the seller, or their representative, which is a written record of the transaction
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A receipt is a piece of paper given showing the items bought and the price for proof of purchase.
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A receipt is a document that shows proof of payment that a customer has purchased. This is used to attain any refunds that customers may wish... No copy

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