How Do I Get A Copy Of My EIN Paperwork?


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EIN stands for Employer Identification Number. It is a nine digit number which is given to certain business entities. It is also called a Federal Tax ID number. The businesses that need EIN are sole proprietors, partnership firms, and standard corporations. It's quite simple to get an EIN.

Steps to get EIN:

  • If you are net savvy, you can get EIN within 30 minutes. Just log on to an online application of employer identification number. You need to fill out Form SS-4 online. Once the form is completed you will be given your EIN electronically.
  • If you want a hard copy of EIN, then you will have to follow a simple process of application. You can download the application form (SS-4) from the Internet.
  • The next step would be to print the form (PDF file) and fill in all the details as required in the form.
  • You will have simple questions to fill such as name of the business seeking the EIN, the trade name of the business (if any), location address of the business.
  • You must also put the name of the principal owner or partner of the business and provide their EIN.
  • State the reason why you are applying for EIN.
  • Mention the date of starting of the business and when the business year ends.
  • Describe the nature of your business in short.
  • Save a copy of this form on your hard disk and then call the toll free number mentioned on the form
  •   You will hear pre-recorded message first. Choose the option for application of EIN.
  • You will then be greeted by a representative who will ask you some questions based on the information that you have already filled out on your form.
  •   Once the verification is done, you will get the number within 15 seconds which you can write down on your form.

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