What Is Synthetic Rubber?


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Synthetic rubber is a rubber like compound produced by the polymerization of unsaturated hydrocarbons or by the co-polymerization of such hydrocarbons with Styrene or Butadiene. Butadiene-Styrene rubber (SBR) is the most important synthetic rubber and the most widely used rubber in the entire world.

Synthetic rubber is a type of artificially-made polymer material which acts as an elastomer and has some rubbery characteristics but differs in chemical structure and properties. An elastomer can undergo much more elastic deformation under stress than most materials returning to its original size without permanent deformation.

One of the first synthetic rubbers used commercially in the rubber industry is Neoprene, a polymer form of Chloroprene.

Synthetic rubber can serve as a substitute for natural rubber in many cases, especially when improved material properties are needed. They have good resistance to weather, sun, ozone and abrasions. Their versatality makes them useful in many applications requiring oil, weather or combination of these properties such as wire and cable, molded goods, soles and heels, adhesives and the like.
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It is man-made rubber, invented during World War II, when the supply of sap from rubber trees from the tropics was threatened by combat in the area.
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I think it is polypropylene
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Polypropylene is The Ingredients In Synthetic Rubber.

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