Is There A Diagram Of How To Bypass The Lid Switch On Washer?


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Want to save a $100 or so bucks, and time and bad advice? Don't change it!! Unplug the washing machine, remove the screws that hold the lid switch in place, take it out,  spice the 2 wires together.  Secure the wires with a terminal strip (this is so you don't leave the bare wires exposed//~ available at an electronic store- costs  about a buck, so I hope you have your wallet handy). Then reattach terminal strip where the lid switch was. Replug- tada. 5 minutes. ( tools required: A screw driver,  wire cutters (or razor blade- in a pinch) and most importantly, about 3 ounces of common sense).  The lid switch was designed with safety in mind, it prevents your washer from spinning when the lid is open because serious injury-- we all SHOULD know, can  result by placing your hand in a spinning washing machine (seriously). This advice shouldnt be taken if children, feeble-minded, accident prone, clumsy, non intelligent persons, and whatever other class of people I'm forgetting have access  to the machine. Otherwise, its a quick, cheap, effective fix. I can't guarantee it will work for you but its worked for me on all 3 washing machines ive {fixed}, what do you have to lose (not an arm I hope) I'm just a handy man-- hope it works for you. :)

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