What Does A Secret Admirer Mean?


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Someone who loves you but you don't know, its a secret to you
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Someone who loves you from affar, or is afraid to come forward and hopes that you will figure it out. That is why they will often send a gift and a card saying guess who, in hopes that you will know and not be disapointed
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It is someone who admires you secretly and you don't know.This person would be next to you and inside he/she is shaking because they can't believe you're next to them.They are in love with you that is why it is a secret and everything you do is perfect to the secret admirer.I admire someone secretly and I know the feeling :)
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I am Life..... answered
A secret admirer means someone who likes you the way you are and appreciates your work and you as a person, it doesn't mean necessarily that he/she is in love with you... As admiring doesn't mean loving.....

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