What Is Scandal And What Are Its Types?


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According to me scandal is a type of rumour, which came slowly in the media and then stays for a long time in the media or the world. Scandal can be on real basis like some obligation on a person's illegal act, or scandal can be made against a two people or a group of people or an individual person. Scandal can be real or totally base on the false rumours or allegations, or might be possible that a mixture of both.It happen sometimes that when a person or group is trying to hide their scandal or illegal activities, and fails to hide them, then it becomes a more big scandal.

There can be many types of scandals.Like political scandal, which are based on the political illegal activities? Scandal can be an academic scandal, sex scandal, if this type of scandal is usually came in the media, of famous people. Sporting scandals, means bids on the games. There can be religion scandal, means propaganda against a religion. Corporate scandal, like mutual funds scandals.
Scandals are very important for the famous people, via this they are always "IN" in the news.

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