How Many 8 Foot Fence Panels For A 1/4 Acre Of Land?


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That would depend on the length of the panels and how much of the quarter acre you were intending to fence off.(you know the right of ways/offset around the property).if you are going to fence up to a the land perfectly flat no many gates are going to be installed for entering the property.unless you mean the panels are 8 feet in length and not 8 feet high...then you would have approximately 53 panels...1/4 acre10890ft=100ftx108.9ft,100ft width+ 108.9ft length =208.9or 2 sides of the square/rectangle , 208.9 x 2 =417.8 perimeter/length of all the sides ,417.8/8(length of all the sides divided by the length of the panels)=52.225.(number of panels to cover 417.8 ft)..I think
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An acre is 43560 sq ft the perimeter of which is defined by the shape of the land
so a 1/4 acre is 10890 sq ft

An acre has been defined as 66 x 660 ft so 1/4 acre would approx 16 x 165 ft

So you would need 2 x 21 x 2 x 21 panels or 46 panels (2 of which would be cut to 5 feet long)

Change the shape of the lot and change the # of panels
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(66 x 660) / 4 == 66 * 165

NOT 16 x 165 (which is 1/16 of an acre)

Basic math error: Dividing a product by a number is not the same as dividing both multiplicands by that number.

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