What Is The Meaning Of Fasting? Explain.


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In Arabic we used the word "Soam"for fasting. meaning of fasting is to stop and in Islamic law from the early morning till the sunset you have stop your self from eating, drinking all the physical and mental desires that is known as fasting. Fasting is not only that you are not eating or drinking water but for fasting it is compulsory that you are just following the complete path for it. Fasting is for your ears for your wyes for you tongue for your heart for even your legs as you have restricted your self to the orders of the ALLAH. if your are telling lie, your hurting other by using harsh language then ALLAH don't need that you are not eating food or your not drinking water.

Because then the purpose of fasting is useless if your are not following the complete rules for it. Its is Clearly mentioned in many hadith that if your not leaving or keeping your self always from bad deeds then your are just not eating things and drinking water but you are totally away from the true purpose of fasting. The purpose of fasting is that you are keeping your self restricted .your are not involving in the things that will hurt some. you are avoiding from doing bad deeds and lies.

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