What Does Decreased Gallbladder Function Mean?


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Oh NO!!!I know what you are going through! I went through the same thing of tests and then a three hour hida scan because my gallbladder was so damaged they couldn't find it! All the other tests showed that it was contracted but no stones. I went through three weeks of pain and four different doctors before finally getting to a surgeon who could explain this. I went to a gastro doctor who wanted to started doing endoscopic tests on me to check my stomach and other organs. Fortunately I started checking around and told them I didn't want this done. Saved myself $500 since the insurance company would only pay for part of the test and not the $200 to knock me out to perform it. My surgery is scheduled next week to remove my gallbladder and I can't wait! No stones doesn't mean that your gallbladder is okay. Good luck=)
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The doctors for patients whose kidneys work but gall bladder doesn't release your waste use the term decreased gallbladder function. This signifies that you may not be able to discharge or urinate properly. It has been understood that this is very serious problem as your urine throws out all the bad cells in ones body and discharges all harmful waste from the body. This waste if does not leave the body than the brain encounters fumes and gases making you suffer from a severe headache.

If this waste does not leave the body than the Legs cram causing them to bloat your stomach and hammer your nervous. We do not realize how unhealthy it becomes for us not to discharge waste from our body. If this problem is not taken seriously it can cause prostrate problems in men and sworn nipples and pregnancy problem for a women. However it is also said to reduce sexuality in ones life. Decreased gall bladder should be treated as soon as possible as it can cause problems in the later stages. Do also check the kidney function.
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What does gall bladder function have to do with your kidneys? It stores bile from the liver and releases it to help digest fatty greasy foods. Decreased function means it is not doing its job properly or not doing it at all. Gall bladder is not the bladder your kidneys drain into.
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I had a hyda scan and it came back with 0% functionality.  I had the hyda scan done after the ultra sound came back normal.  So I also have no stones but the functionality is 0% and the pain which is in the middle right below my rib cage is starting to get worse and worse.  I have to schedule a surgery.  I don't have any answer for the original poster but will follow this thread with interest as my situation is the same.
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My daughter went to the emergency room yesterday morning and back again around 2:00 this morning with extreme lower abdomen pain and severe night sweats X one week. She had also been vomiting and has serious diarrhea X 2 days. While there, she found out she is approx 5 - 6 wks pregnant though uses birth control pills faithfully, and she was told that her gall bladder is not functioning properly. They told her it appeared "full" though she had not eaten in a day and a half because of her other symptoms. She can't call to make an appointment with her doctor until tomorrow because of the weekend. Should the hospital have kept her? How serious is this? Please help!
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I web through 6 weeks of severe pain on my right side right underneath the ribs vomiting more than 4 time a days loose green stool and diarrhea all the time might sweats fever went to doctors numerous time age four different scans HIDA scans showed 12 percent function and it caused panceratis this recent time I have surgery in less than 72 hrs as long as gallbladder is not infected or ruptured your daughter will be fine and I'm on my 7th week now of gallbladder attacks and pain

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