What Does It Mean If I Get Dizzy, Shaky, And The Chills?


5 Answers

Corinne decost Profile
Corinne decost answered
You might have low sugar or potassium
Kass Profile
Kass answered
It means you could have the flu, pneumonia, high or low blood sugar, thyroid issues, early stage food poisoning... It also means you should see your doctor if you get sicker, or if this persists for more than a day or two.
nettie Profile
nettie answered
Other than needing a fix of some sort, it could be a number of things ie.. Sugar, dehydration, blood pressure high or low I advise you to seek medical help......the best to you
greg gowen Profile
greg gowen answered
Sounds like you've reached orgasm. Call mom and give her the good news.

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